Mina Kaye was a born rebel. With a different vision, style, and attitude! After completing the school of choreography, her free spirit takes her on a tour around the world. Coming back after spending nearly two years in Asia , she found herself on the movie set of the film Spartacus, an event, that will become a life changer for her. Since then, her path moves between Film, Art and TV advertising. Her professional career leads her naturally to fashion with establishing of the famous deconstructed label MARIA QUEEN MARIA,
a highly recognized brand all over the world!
Mina Kaye is fashion designer, renown stylist and professional film and advertising costume designer. Her visionary work has been highly recognized in the last ten years. Mina holds several prestigeous awards including Designer of the year for 2010.
In 2009 Mina Kaye founded the deconstructed fashion brand MARIA QUEEN MARIA creating a revolution in the fashion industry. Nowadays Mina’s creative designs are sold worldwide in places like the US, Japan, Australia, Dubai and the EU.